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Save $100 On Bed Bug Treatment!

Bed bugs are difficult to get rid of on your own. DIY methods and solutions are never long-term, which can cost you unnecessary stress, time, and money. Fortunately, Simply the Best Pest Control can provide you with professional and lasting protection! When you rely on us for bed bug treatment, we’re sure to get you the relief you’re looking for. 

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Bed Bug Treatment in New Jersey

A woman lying on her bed bug-free couch with her phone. She gets bed bug treatment in New Jersey from Simply the Best Pest Control!

At Simply the Best, we provide bed bug treatment that lasts. All of our solutions are family-friendly and guaranteed to protect you and your family from future infestations. When our bed bug exterminators service your home, they get rid of bed bugs quickly and effectively, so you can enjoy a safer and healthier home! 

Protect Your Home from Bed Bugs with Family-Friendly Treatments

Our goal is to completely get rid of bed bugs in your home and offer effective, long-term protection for your satisfaction. We want to make our service as convenient and accessible to you as possible, so we offer free bed bug inspections and flexible scheduling. Our bed bug treatment comes with a warranty that can be extended at an additional fee for greater protection! 

Our bed bug treatment services follow this process:

  • First, we conduct a bed bug inspection to identify areas of infestation.
  • Following inspection, our bed bug exterminator works with you to determine a treatment plan that best suits you and your family’s needs, and we schedule a service.
  • We provide initial treatment, then follow-up with a second treatment 21 days later to ensure long-term protection. 
  • With our service, we provide a complimentary 30-day warranty to make sure your home remains completely bed bug-free. 
  • After your 30-day warranty, you are able to extend your bed bug warranty for another 60 days (90 days total).

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Additional Protection with Our Bed Bug Monitoring Program

We understand how scary it can be to experience a bed bug infestation in your home and how these worries can persist. In order to curb your anxieties and to ease your mind, we offer extra protection with our Healthy Home Plus Sleep Easy Bed Bug Monitoring Program. In addition to bed bug monitoring, this program offers comprehensive protection from common pests to keep your home completely pest-free! Our bed bug monitors are carefully installed around your home and inspected three times a year. 

Same-Day Bed Bug Inspections for Immediate Relief 

Our bed bug exterminators are happy to offer same-day bed bug inspections, as well as Saturday bed bug inspections, for those with busy schedules and those in need of fast relief. For same-day inspections, when you call before noon, we will come out and inspect your home for proper treatment. If you are unable to schedule a weekday inspection, it’s not a problem! Our Saturday bed bug inspections are the way to go!

Areas We Provide Bed Bug Control in New Jersey

We want to keep you and your family safe, so we make it our priority to offer the best bed bug treatment in New Jersey. A significant part of providing quality service is to remain as accessible as possible. So, we service a variety of locations near you and your family to get you simply the best bed bug treatment.

We are proud to provide our bed bug treatment services in the following areas of New Jersey:


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